12 Hilarious Texts You’ll Only Get From An Ex


#11 Plan B

“Oh well you should have said that right from the start and we could have avoided all this drama. I’m sorry baby, I didn’t realise she took a Plan B…” This guy needs a plan b as an alternative to the brain he is using now.

#10 Choke On A Burrito

Before I make a comment on this, I should ensure I make it quite clear that my involvement with psychology can be described as a “dabble” at best. However, does somebody here seem a little mentally unstable perhaps?

#9 Icy Waters

This guy made one last ditch effort. Whether it was because it was the truth or just because he wanted to get laid one last time, it was pretty full-on stuff. But ultimately, he got knocked back and so readopted the attitude that probably got him dumped in the first place.

#8 How Sweet

Would I be hypothesising to suggest that maybe this relationship didn’t exactly end on good terms? There is nothing like a crappy end to a relationship to bring out the worst and most immature side of people.

#7 Voodoo

There is nothing weird about this is there? We have all been there right? Well, no we haven’t actually. In fact, this is one step away from AVO time and when things get that bad, you now there’s no going back.

#6 Marry Me?

It seems weird that the person is still proposing marriage to someone who is even in the ballpark of willing to accept the end of their life as an alternative to marriage. Then again, who has this conversation in text form?

#5 Bye Bye Bae Bae

There are two schools of thought that in operation here. The first is the old adage that persistence will eventually pay off. The second is that doing the same thing over and over whilst expecting a different result is the definition of stupidity.

#4 Felicia

Ooh that’s cold. Is Jack a dude? It sounds like a guy’s name and so makes getting called Felicia is a double dose of cold. Was Jack that not-so-well-endowed thathe might not even be considered a man? Poor old Felicia,… I mean Jack.

#3 What The?

This guy sure has a tactful and charming way of going about getting what he wants doesn’t he? Yeah, just start off by calling her bitch and see where it goes from here. The answer was always going to be “nowhere”.

#2 At Least He Cares

#1 Drunk Texting


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