12 Parents That Crossed All The Limits


Let’s face it: No matter how close you become later on in life, at some point, your parents have probably embarrassed the hell out of you.

We can’t blame them, because they always mean well. But there’s just something about the parent-child relationship that just breeds cringeworthy moments — and those moments are usually in front of your friends or girlfriends/boyfriends.

Given the fact that parents can’t help themselves, it’s best to just remember those embarrassing moments with a smile. In fact, #10 will make you LOL.

#1. This is one way to make sure someone never calls you back.

#2. Damn you, dad.

#3. This is just downright cold.

#4. Mom likes to take things to the next level.

#5. Just the story your friends always wanted to hear.

#6. Moms and their timing have never been ideal.

#7. Well mom, if you got it: Flaunt it.

#8. There’s a time and a place, dad.

#9. Because of course he did.

#10. Hey, maybe they thought you’d be like, extra hungry.

#11. How wrong could a Chick-Fil-A sandwich possibly be?

#12. That feeling when your dad is the coach.



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