5 Things Women Can Do That Men Can’t!


The gap between women and men has been slowly closing in, with women able to do most of the things men can do.

Heterosexual men have not been able to do some things due to the social implications that come with them. They seem to have received the short end of the stick when it comes to certain actions and practices that are considered acceptable for heterosexual women. With his being said, prepare to be completely amazed by these 5 Things Women Can Do That Men Can’t.

1. Women Can Touch Each Other Openly

There is only one accepted style of men hugging each other and that is called the “bro grab”. This involves embracing with one arm and firmly striking the back of the other man repeatedly. The secret formula for this is physical intimacy and physical violence canceling each other out. On the other hand, women can hug, hold hands and even kiss without considering it homophobic or personal discomfort. Non-sexual contact is encouraged for women at an early age while men are told that there is only a certain degree of contact allowed.

2. Women Can Wear Makeup

Most men won’t complain about this but their position could change if it became socially acceptable. Makeup is mostly used to make someone more attractive and feminine but can also be used to cover blemishes or pronounce certain features that one perceives as their best. Makeup generally makes people feel better about their appearance. There are certain events or places where a man can wear makeup, as a news anchor or face paint for sports.

3. Women Can Call Each Other Attractive

Women can make a flattering remark to each other on their physical appearance, personality, and fashion in ways men cannot. Women can admit that other women have dominant sexual features or even compliment them on their confidence. The homophobia in Western culture today makes it socially awkward and even borderline dangerous to try this with another man. You can be punched square in the jaw if you give a compliment about a man’s physical appearance. Although in certain environments, such as the gym or in a sporting activity, a man can complement another man without it being considered homoerotic.

4. Women Can Choose To Have Abortions

Abortion is a touchy topic of conversation in any context. Women have legal procedures that can be undertaken to end their pregnancy, depending on the circumstances. When a woman decides to have an abortion, it is her decision entirely and men are just part of the decision-making process. Even if a man decides to accept the responsibility of caring for the unborn child, women still have the say over whether they should have the child or not. It is partly the responsibility of the male but they are not given the power of consent like women. Most women have the only say in this process of bringing a newborn child, but many men just want their opinion of this decision-making process to count as equal for them also.

5. Women Can Dance Together

Dancing is considered a great social activity, a fun way to exercise and a personal form of self-expression. Everyone dances, whether it is in front of the mirror, in your pajamas, in the comfort of your bedroom or in public with the eyes of the world upon you. In public, however, the rules change. Men are often uncomfortable dancing even with a female partner. Dancing with other men is not considered socially acceptable while women can dance with each other without hushed grumbles of disapproval.


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