Adult Film Stars Revealed If They’d Ever Sleep With Their Fans, And Their Answers Will Surprise You…


The video features some well-known film stars like Cassandra Cain, Riley Reid, Piper Perri, Riley Reyes, Abella Danger, Rizzo Ford, Bobbi Dylan, Bella Doll, Leya Falcon, Mocha Menage, and Georgia Jones. Their answers are probably everything you are hoping they are. I mean, they varied for sure, but the majority of them were…

…yes! It was about 50/50 with those who have hooked up with their fans and those who would never consider it. It’s interesting because if you are a fan of any of these women, we are going to assume you’ve imagined yourself sleeping with them at some point in your life. That being said, how does it feel to know that may actually come true someday…if you’re lucky enough!

Many of these women actually admitted to using the Tinder app to hook up with people who are both fans and maybe not fans…yet. Who knows, maybe one day you will be browsing through Tinder, and you’ll see your favorite adult film star on there. You just never know…

One adult film star answered the question like this, “I’m assuming that some people I went to high school with watch my p*rn and are NOW fans, so, I’ve had sex with them.” I mean…can you even imagine? You are sitting there about to watch an “adult video” and the next thing you know, you’re watching someone you went to high school with!

Also, just a suggestion, but you may want to become a Georgia Jones fan if you’ve ever had dreams of sleeping with your favorite adult film star. She seems pretty okay sleeping with both men and women…so there’s that! Curious what everyone else had to say?

These women seriously shared all in the video below. If you’re curious what everyone had to say, check it out. Would you ever sleep with an adult film star if given the chance?


  1. If Leanni Lei or Keri Sable is out there, and reads this, CALL ME! I want to know from YOU! I would sacrifice a gonad to sleep with either of you! 😉


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