Girl Makes Her Boyfriend Write Her An Essay In Order To Convince Her To Give Him Oral Sex


Perhaps the people who were on the receiving end of not getting sex by their partner should have written an essay informing them why they should get sex, because that’s pretty much what the desperate dude in this story did.

OK, let’s be honest, a lot of us might pull out the old laptop if writing an essay would end up with us getting some head love, but this dude actually did it. A girl named Hannah shared a conversation on her Twitter in where she tells her boyfriend (known as “Man Candy”) to write her a “persuasive essay with a strong thesis statement in MLA format” on why her mouth should meet his penis.

And since “Man Candy” is a dude, he of course obliged.

The dude even quoted an actual book. He really wanted that blow job. And you can tell that he was completely serious about this essay. You can also tell that Hannah probably makes him write essays for everything.

But here’s a little fun fat according to Hannah: They’ve been dating for a year. So either this dude still hasn’t gotten any action, or Hannah really wants him to work on his writing skills.

Well, in other words, buddy…



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