Why Girls Prefer No Condom Sex


#7 Reduces Pleasure

Many women do not like the way a condom feels, and much prefer the warmth of skin to skin contact.

#6 Odor

Most women don’t like the smell, or taste, of condoms.

#5 They Break

Condoms break, so they don’t trust them entirely.

#4 Don’t Protect Against All STDs

While condoms can protect against AIDS and other STDs, they do not protect against other sexually transmitted infections such as herpes and genital warts.

#3 Latex Allergies

Some women are allergic to latex condoms, ending up with yeast infections, UTIs, itching, and burning.

#2 Ruins The Mood

For some, it’s a mood killer to have to have to find the condom, unwrap it, and put it on.

#1 Lack Of

Not having condoms on hand all the time, makes spontaneity impossible.



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