This Is What Guys Think Of Different Types Of Vaginas


Different guys have different preference when it comes to the type of vagina. It’s not necessary if a guy likes type ‘A’, the other guy’s also gonna like that type.

It’s rightly said “for each their own”, let us know in the comments which kind do you like?

#7 The Full Lip Vagina

These vaginas are very plump. Their appearance is welcoming and most men agree, this is the most comfortable vagina to have sex with. They are very soft and easy for penetration. Also, they are the most welcoming for oral sex.

#6 The Bony Vagina

Chances are, if you’re skinny or have a petite frame, you have a bony, very narrow vagina. The smaller the vagina, the tighter the fit. For men, this is great for stimulation. An average penis size is a perfect fit, meaning men feel less self-conscious about their manhood. The one downside is, when having sex, feeling the bones direct contact with your body may be a little uncomfortable.

#5 The Shaved Vagina

It’s seen as the sexiest vagina, due to it’s prim and proper appearance. But, when grooming, it’s the easiest to experience a disastrous mishap. Ingrown hairs, cuts, wax burns, and razor bumps do occur. Be very cautious. Guys definitely notice when a woman takes extremely good care of that area.

#4 The Expert Vagina

An experienced vagina, can be a good scenario. You know what you like in a man and from a man. Those wide open alleyways may be a little intimidating to a first time sexual partner. The lack of tightness down there may make him feel uncomfortable about the size of his penis. This can affect his performance. Make sure to stroke his ego a little bit if he’s doing a good job.

#3 The 70’s Vagina

You don’t shave down there? No big deal! Most guys don’t have any issue with an unshaven vagina. Just remember, if things get a little out of hand, it wouldn’t hurt to make a few touchups.

#2 The Virginal Vagina

If a guy comes across a virgin vagina he may feel like the luckiest man on Earth. In his eyes, for that amount of time, during sex, he feels like this vagina was made specifically for him.

#1 The Peek-A-Boo Vagina

This vagina has the clitoris showing, just enough, to keep your sexual partner enticed. Men love to engage in sex with women who have vaginas like this because they tend to orgasm better. This makes a man feel like he did his job down there correctly.



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