Important Differences Between P0rn Sex and Real Sex


It is rightly said do not believe everything you see on the Internet.. no matter if it’s a meme or an article covering a fake news or even porn. Most of the things shown in porn are totally fake and we’re here with a list of such things. Some of the people break up with their significant others because what they’ve been seeing in porn is completely different from what they’ve got in their partner. We’re here to make sure that no such thing happens in future.

Share this article with your friends so that they get to know in time what they should expect from their significant others and also get to know if the thing they’re expecting is totally vague. You could help save relations after reading this article, some points are:

#7 Blowing The Load

It seems like, in almost every movie, someone is getting a, “facial”. Don’t get too excited real life men. Only 22% of women allow men to aim for the face and 30% swallow.

#6 Squirting

Even this is a rare occurrence in adult films, but some of the actresses go the extra mile with the orgasms. Don’t get your hopes up. Only 6% of women admit to being able to go the extra mile.

#5 Men’s Climax

In adult films, men can have sex for hours. If you think that’s realistic, just ask yourself how long you lasted watching that movie before you climaxed? 25% of men in real life, are climax within 3 minutes. Sorry ladies!

#4 Women’s Climax

In movies, all it takes is a few pumps from a man, and the woman is climaxing. It happens numerous times during a sex scene. In reality, that’s not how it goes. 71% of women admit to never orgasming through male penetration. Sorry guys, don’t take it personal.

#3 Penis Size

Adult films showcase men, whose penis sizes range from 6 to 9 inches, on average. In real life, you’re more likely to see a penis that is between 5 to 7 inches. Ladies, don’t be disappointed when he pulls off those pants. This is real life.

#2 Private Grooming

In movies, both men and women keep their privates as neatly trimmed as a beautiful bamboo. In real life, 65% of women and 85% of men, go au natural.

#1 Vagina Shape

Woman’s vaginas look perfectly shaped and tiny in movies. As a matter of fact, they all look the same. In real life, no two vaginas are alike. They vary in shape, size, and appearance. Embrace the diversity!



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