This mother/daughter sex triangle is the weirdest thing on the internet right now


People have a big problem with oversharing on social media. There are some things that are just wayyy too personal to share with the public, like how you saved a ton on KY Jelly by buying the deluxe pack at Costco or how long it takes you to wipe your dirty asshole.

But this mom took things from gross TMI to horrifyingly embarrassing.

The mother told her daughter that the man she’s been dating for a while banged her first. Even worse, he banged mom the night before taking the daughter’s v-card.

If finding out the man who popped your cherry was inside of your mother a mere 24 hours beforehand doesn’t fuck you up, nothing will. Understandably, the daughter was pretty far from okay with the situation. So what is a mother to do?

If you answered anything other than “explain the entire ordeal on Facebook for all of your friends and family to see”, then you are probably a decent, stable human being. But this sick mother is neither of those things, which led to her to post the following status:

Now, as the unbiased and respected journalist I am, I always like to play the Devil’s Advocate. Maybe the mom was just giving the dude a test ride to make sure he was sufficient for her daughter. The last thing you want is for your kid to get stuck with a shitty lay on their first time. How many parents out there would be willing to take a dick attached to a potentially shitty lover for their kid? Not many. Mother of the Year right here.



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