Spot The Virgin – Test


Well.. spotting a virgin isn’t really very difficult.. here’s the sign you need to look for

#1 The Floating Hand I
The hand says, “Come here. . . No go away!”

#2 The Floating Hand II
The floating hand is so awkward you wonder why people even use it in pics?

#3 The Video Game Nerd

#4 The Hover Hand?
The Hovering Hand is when one’s taking a pic with friends, and their hand remains close to the body, but not on the body. They’re hoping you don’t notice.

#5 Spot Him?
Sadly this is a virgin is also a creep.

#6 Interracial Friends
Could this be a racial situation and not that he’s a virgin? We hope not..

#7 ‘Birdy’ Hands
What the heck? Check out her friend’s hands? They’re doing the “birdy”.

#8 Life Or Death Situations
This guy is so dang nervous, he’s going to faint, never mind the Hover Hand.


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