Things Guys Should Know About Giving Women Orgasm


Sure, trying out new positions that make the Kamasutra look old-fashioned and boring is a lot of fun. Seeing your body can bend “that way”, and knowing you could totally break the Guinness World Records for “most sexually intrepid couple” is totally exciting. But sometimes you don’t want to just focus on being adventurous. Sometimes you’re in it just to get that out-of-this-world, back bending orgasm that will wake up the entire neighborhood. Check out the sex positions that’ll have you hitting the high notes.


The next time you’re fooling around and trying out “The Cowgirl”, do not lay on your back.
Instead, remain seated and bend your knees under her legs and butt. That will give her all the control and help her hit the big O.

Want to extend his manhood’s length, non-surgically? Try “The Trick.”

Keep your legs straight as you lay on your bed, raise your hips high and voila! It’s as if you’re in it with a whole new, well-endowed prince charming.

Give “The Chair” a shot.

Have her sit on your face as you lie on your back and relinquish all control as she moves side, to side, up and down, and basically any way she wants to “hit the jackpot.”

“Doggy Style” is the best position to orgasm like you’ve never orgasmed in your whole life.

Penetration will feel intense for her, but she will be in charge or the motion, as she can move around until she feels comfortable. He can rest on her back, or keep his back straight. Either way she’ll be seeing the stars in no time.

Keep your “Legs Up” and experience the magic.

By far, the best position to guarantee you hitting her G-spot. Keep your back flat on the bed, as if you were doing it missionary, but place her ankles up and over your shoulders, as if you’re folding her in half.

“Deep Thrusting” is pretty much all the rage.

With this modified missionary position, where her legs are up and over your shoulders, you’ll guarantee the deepest penetration possible. If it gets too intense, use it as foreplay and then move over to any of the other positions that will guarantee your lady will be screaming her lungs out in no time


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