16 Tweets That Are, Somehow, About Every Dad

Father’s Day is not too far off, so it’s chance to hit one out of the ballpark a focus on the superb weirdos that are the fathers of our reality.

In this way, in view of that, I’ve volunteered to minister an assortment of some humorous tweets that, some way or another, can apply to practically any father. Prepared to awesome, kids? Here we go:

1. This befuddling nibble maraca:

2. This snooze time (whenever):

3. This occasion understanding:

4. This exemplary father concern:

5. This “style appear” understanding:.

6. This striking similitude:

7. This puzzling wonder:

8. This substantial reaction:

9. This quip derful race:

10. This father tastic audit:

11. This new(?) name:

12. This blessing trade:

13. This befuddling farewell:

14. This late bill:

15. This Halloween repulsiveness:

16. Lastly, this groundbreaking thunder:

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