Dog Who Plays Stella in ‘Modern Family’ Has Died

The French Bulldog who played the spoiled pooch, Stella, in ABC’s sitcom, Modern Family, has unfortunately died.

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Any individual who is anybody has watched Modern Family.

Dog  Plays Stella

The hit ABC TV arrangement follows the exciting existences of the Dumphy and Pritchett families.

There are a ton of characters to stay aware of…

Claire and Phil Dunphy with their 3 children, Hayley, Alex, and Luke, Claire’s sibling Mitchell, and his accomplice Cam with their assenting girl, Lily, and Claire and Mitchell’s father, Jay, with his flighty Columbian spouse, Gloria and her children, Manny and Joe.

It’s a great deal, right?

Be that as it may, the genuine superstar was clearly Stella.

Dog  Plays Stella

Stella the French Bulldog, who was named Beatrice, all things considered, was brought into the sitcom during the second season as Jay and Gloria’s new (yet hesitant) pet for Manny.

She was a magnificent expansion to the capricious family…

Dog  Plays Stella

Particularly with her adoration for eating shoes and hopping into the pool for a dip, something that Gloria would class as “self destruction”.

Along these lines, it accompanies extraordinary bitterness today to uncover that the pooch has unfortunately died.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell, tweeted a selfie of him and Beatrice with the subtitle:

“Find happiness in the hereafter sweet Beatrice. We love you to such an extent.”

Beatrice was accepted to have been around ten-years of age…

Dog  Plays Stella

Furthermore, her reason for death is as of now obscure.

Find happiness in the hereafter, Beatrice


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