Jason Derulo Knocks out Two Front Teeth Doing Corn on the Cob Challenge

Jason Derulo is once more standing out as truly newsworthy, yet this time, it’s for his sheer idiocy.

Continue looking to see the vocalist take out his 2 front teeth while doing the “fresh corn” challenge…

Jason Derulo is one of the most notable pop vocalists of our age.

Jason Derulo

Jason, who is thirty years of age, became well known in 2006 when he started composing tunes for specialists, for example, Diddy, Sean Kingston and Lil Wayne.

Jason in the end started to make his own music…

Jason Derulo

In 2009, Jason discharged his introduction single, “Whatcha Say”, and he proceeded to discharge works of art, for example, “Squirm”, “Speak profanely” and “In My Head.”

Jason is known for his interesting and, let’s be honest, awkward style.


The verses in most of his tunes emphatically spin around stripped ladies and celebrating.

This is likely the motivation behind why such huge numbers of individuals love the Florida-conceived artist…


Also, we should state, he is fairly beguiling.

Jason has many concealed gifts…

Jason Derulo

Did you realize that he is an expertly prepared drama vocalist?

Turns out, he’s an exceptionally capable performer.

Jason Derulo

He is consistently bustling making new music…

His EP 2Sides was discharged in November and it went down well overall.

Furthermore, who could overlook that notorious special photoshoot?

We’re surely not overlooking that at any point in the near future!

Yet, his music isn’t the main thing that fans love…

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😂 #IceDerulo

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Jason is known for his extraordinary comical inclination and his Instagram definitely demonstrates this.

He is continually posting amusing recordings…

What’s more, presently he is living in lockdown, he has been paying attention to viral TikTok challenges very.

He has even been giving fans some wellness tips…

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Since we’d all adoration to have a physical make-up like Jason’s, isn’t that so?

Jason has additionally been fiddling with the kitchen while he has been self-disengaging.

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Big A$$ Doughnut Burger #MilliMeals

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Take this gigantic doughnut burger that he as of late stirred up, for instance.

Also, this insane looking treat batter…

Well that is something we need to attempt!

Be that as it may, his latest food challenge turned out badly…

What’s more, it has left fans completely recoiling.

Jason chose to give the “old fashioned corn” challenge a go…

Jason Derulo

Which, as should be obvious, includes attempting to eat a cob that is appended to a drill.

The vocalist appeared to be anxious to give it a go…

Jason Derulo

“Hello, have all of you seen this? I’ve for the longest time been itching to attempt it… trick of the trade!” Jason says before promptly transforming the drill on and tucking into the corn.

All is by all accounts working out in a good way…

Jason Derulo

Until the drill starts to get a move on.

Jason out of nowhere hollers out in torment…

Jason Derulo

Furthermore, he rapidly stops the drill as he showers corn all over the place… things aren’t solid.

You can see that the corn is presently shrouded in blood…

Jason Derulo

What’s more, Jason looks totally dumbfounded as he likely feels his mouth.

Furthermore, when he opens his mouth…

Jason Derulo

His 2 totally straight front teeth have now disappeared.


Jason later transferred a video of him conversing with his better half, Jena Frumes, asking her the amount it will cost to fix.

Jason Derulo

“No doubt, what amount do you think its going to fix?” he drawled to her before calling himself “f****** appalling.”

It’s difficult to not giggle…

Obviously, in the same way as other famous people Jason has facade…

So if these were his genuine teeth, the circumstance would be much increasingly genuine.

While numerous fans have been left with tears of giggling…

Many have been left inclination neutral with the star and have gotten him out for his “idiocy.”

Watch Jason’s ludicrous video here…

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Don’t try this 😭😭

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Also, recollect… kindly don’t attempt this at home!


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