Lisa Kudrow Says She Wasn’t Trusted on Set of ‘Friends’

In an ongoing meeting, Friends star, Lisa Kudrow has uncovered that she was never completely trusted on the arrangement of the notorious TV appear.

Continue looking for the full story, and to discover why…

We were first acquainted with the Friends posse in 1994.

Lisa Kudrow

The parody followed the companions, who live in the equivalent New York condo obstruct, as they explored through their mid-twenties.

Throughout the years, we turned out to be extraordinarily appended to these characters…

Lisa Kudrow

Who, as it were, turned into our own companions… It’s cliché, yet it’s actual.

In spite of the fact that a significant number of us despite everything stay separated on a certain something…

Ross and Rachel were not on a break. Enough said.

There were numerous notable minutes all through the show’s ten seasons.


Rachel’s English play, Chandler’s nubbin, the time Joey stalled out on his head… The rundown could go on.

Furthermore, it stays similarly as fruitful today.

Rachel’s English trifle, Chandler’s nubbin, the time Joey got a Thanksgiving turkey stuck on his head… The list could go on.

Regardless of the demonstrate reaching a conclusion in 2004, it remains as one of the most-watched appears on Netflix, and its fanbase is as solid as could be.

Along these lines, throughout the years, the cast have been pushed to exceptional degrees of notoriety.


What’s more, none of us can very observe them in whatever else.

The pack earned a great deal of cash during those 10 years…


Purportedly, the cast was each on an eye-watering $1 million pay for every scene in the later periods of the show – a history-breaking figure.

In any case, more as of late…

Lisa Kudrow

A portion of the on-screen characters have been approaching with some quite stunning cases about their time on the show.

Right off the bat, some cast individuals have admitted to not recollecting much from recording Friends.

Lisa Kudrow

That’s right, notwithstanding the show running for 10 years, and every one of them gaining an amazing measure of cash for their jobs, a portion of the entertainers are making some hard memories recalling their time on the set.

Courteney Cox was the first to approach with her disclosure.

Lisa Kudrow

As of late, the on-screen character conceded that she has no recollections from recording on the arrangement of Friends.

Courteney attributed this stunning revealtion to just “having an awful memory”…

Lisa Kudrow


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