Madonna’s Relationship With Her 25-Year-Old Boyfriend Is Getting Serious: ‘Love Has No Age’

With regards to famous artists, Madonna is at the highest priority on the rundown. The 61-year-old is as yet visiting and getting new fans wherever she goes.

One of those fans? Ahlamalik Williams, her 25-year-old reinforcement artist beau whom she purportedly handpicked for her visit in 2015.

It might appear to be an insane age hole (particularly since Madonna’s girl Lourdes is just two years more youthful than Ahlamalik), yet the two are making it work. What’s more, as indicated by TMZ, Madonna has just felt free to meet his family, who affirmed with the site that the couple are quitting any and all funny business.

“Love has no age,” Ahlamalik’s dad, Drue, said.

“My child is livin’ la Vida Loca, and I’m only upbeat for him.”

It’s acceptable that they have parental endorsement. Despite the fact that Ahlamalik is a grown-up, a few guardians probably won’t be strong because of the huge age hole. The artist’s folks have allegedly as of now snatched boarding passes for two of Madonna’s universal shows in 2020, which demonstrates that they think this blending was worked to last.

While neither of them have been open about the relationship, paparazzi photographs have shown both of them cozying up on different events. While Ahlamalik has a blasting Instagram nearness, with more than 80,000 adherents, he still can’t seem to feature Madonna in any of his photographs. He did, be that as it may, take a screen top of a Madonna music video, which he said he was pleased to be a piece of.

“Much obliged to you @madonna for leaving me alone separated of a ground-breaking message that says a lot on such a large number of various levels,” he wrote in the subtitle. The video is classified “God Control,” and it centers around firearm control. “This is your reminder,” she composed. “Weapon viciousness lopsidedly influences youngsters, adolescents and the minimized in our networks.”

He additionally posted another video of Madonna’s. In the video, she’s wearing an eye fix, which she wound up wearing while at the same time advancing her collection. True to form, individuals had questions — however Madonna appeared to make it work. She’s the sovereign of embellishments, and she wound up making the fix look in vogue.

“Madame X is a puzzler,” she said to IHeartRadio. “Also, I like the possibility of tangible hardship. Along these lines, you know. Here and there you simply need to close one eye.” She admitted that it’s additionally been an extraordinary exercise for her vision. “I’m truly testing myself here, since my left eye is my solid eye.” But even with the absence of vision, Madonna made it work.

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It appears as though the main individuals straightforwardly conversing with the press about the relationship are Ahlamalik’s folks, which ideally isn’t entangling the relationship. It bodes well for them to be energized over their child being connected to a whiz, however it’s muddled whether the couple needed them to stand up so transparently and every now and again. Perhaps the greatest meeting was with the Mirror.

There, they pondered whether the two were making a beeline for marriage. “She revealed to us she is such a great amount in affection with him and that we didn’t have anything to stress over as she was going to deal with him,” Drue said. “I got some information about her and he says he has never been more joyful.”

“I trust Madonna is going to stay with him in view of the ability he has. Just as an artist, he’s a musician, as well,” his mom Laurie said. “We met her after a show and it was staggering. The main thing she said to me was, ‘Wasn’t he incredible?’ You never know, they could get hitched.”

Since Madonna has been celebrated for a considerable length of time, she’s had a lot of open connections previously. Her two fundamental connections ended in marriage — she wedded on-screen character Sean Penn during the ’80s and proceeded to wed Guy Ritchie in 2000. She has two youngsters with Guy — Rocco, who’s right now 19, and David Banda, whom they received.

Madonna has six kids altogether, however she has conceded that she feels nearest to David. “What David has more than anything is center and assurance. I’m almost certain he got it from me. He’s the one I share the most practically speaking with,” she said to the Mirror. “I feel like he gets me. He has a greater amount of my DNA than any of my youngsters up until now.”

Ahlamalik has met Madonna’s youngsters and has been captured out with them previously. On December 28, Madonna and Ahlamalik made a trip to London together alongside kids Lourdes, David, and embraced twins Estere and Stelle. Every one of them appeared to be glad to be together, and Lourdes didn’t look furious about her mother’s decision in sweetheart.

Actually, HollywoodLife has announced that she’s only steady of her mother’s relationship. “It is anything but an issue for her and it’s simply something she acknowledges as ‘typical’ for her mother,” a source told HollywoodLife. “Madonna has Lourdes’ full help to be with whoever she picks. Furthermore, she gives her little girl a similar regard.”

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Regardless, it’s difficult to deny the way that Ahlamalik is skilled. He’s fast to post moving recordings on Instagram, and he is gradually developing a fan base. He supposedly joined Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE creation in 2013, when he was recently out of secondary school.

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He’s by all account not the only artist in his family. His sibling, Ahlijah, is additionally an artist. As of now, he’s situated in Las Vegas. Family is by all accounts imperative to Ahlamalik, as he regularly posts photographs of relatives for his Instagram fans. That is likely one of the numerous reasons why Madonna succumbed to him.

As they’re both consenting grown-ups, ideally, both of them are really glad. Keep in mind, this is the same old thing for Madonna — the artist as often as possible dates men who are more youthful than her. Regardless of whether it doesn’t work out, Ahlamalik’s experience working with her is incredible for his list of qualifications.


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