The Royal Family Celebrates Prince Philip, The Duke Of Edinburgh, On His 99th Birthday


Glad 99th birthday celebration to the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip!

Philip turns 99 on June 10. The longest-serving illustrious associate in British history will check the event in his normal serene way.

He and Queen Elizabeth, who commended her 94th birthday celebration in April, keep on remaining at Windsor Castle. They have been in self-separation since mid-March when wellbeing emergency concerns started to mount in the UK.

The whole illustrious family is making a point to stamp the unique event. The Royal Family account discharged another photograph of Philip and Elizabeth. The sweet photograph is a token of their wonderful 72-year marriage. The couple has unquestionably observed a great deal since Elizabeth took the seat 68 years back.

The Clarence House and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge accounts have likewise paid tribute to Philip on this unique day. It’s not the same as different birthday celebrations, which are regularly set apart with numerous firearm birthday salutes and chimes ringing. Every illustrious occasion have been dropped through the mid year as they keep on shielding set up and secure the wellbeing of Philip and Elizabeth.

Ruler Philip commends his 99th birthday celebration on June 10. The Duke of Edinburgh is the most established and longest-serving regal partner in British history. He and Queen Elizabeth praised 72 years of marriage in November.

The Royal Family web-based social networking accounts shared another photograph of Elizabeth and Philip for the exceptional event. The Queen wore a cream and yellow botanical Angela Kelly dress, while Philip wore a Household Division tie.

The photograph was taken simply a week ago at Windsor Castle. The couple has been self-disconnecting there since wellbeing emergency worries in the UK started mounting in March.

Philip has never been one for a complain, so risks are he may have appreciated the current year’s tranquil festivals. He and the Queen shared lunch and went through the day together. He joined individuals from the family on a video talk to celebrate.

The family additionally shared their well-wants for the Duke of Edinburgh on the web. The Clarence House account shared three photographs of Philip and Prince Charles. In one, father and child are riding in a pontoon together. The second was a later photograph of the partner and the future ruler. The last was the official picture of Elizabeth and Philip.



Ruler William and Kate Middleton shared their all the best for Philip in a progression of photographs shared on their KensingtonRoyal account. In one, Kate grins at the duke as he waves to swarms. Different shows William and Philip sharing a giggle.

“Wishing an extremely glad 99th Birthday to The Duke of Edinburgh!” they inscribed the pictures.

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Today (99 years ago): Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, know today as the Duke of Edinburgh, was born on June 10th, 1921, in Mon Repos, a villa in the Greek island of Corfu. He was the last child and only son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, a son of King George I of Greece, and Princess Alice of Battenberg, a female-line great-grandaughter of Queen Victoria I of the United Kingdom. He had four older sisters: Margarita, Theodora, Cecilie and Sophie. His family was exiled from Greece shortly after his birth, so Philip was educated mostly abroad. At age 18, he joined the British Royal Navy and began corresponding with the then-Princess Elizabeth. He fought in World War II and two year after it ended, Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth were married at Westminster Abbey, in London. Before the wedding, Philip renounced all of his Greek and Danish titles and rights of succession and became a British citizen, with the title "Duke of Edinburgh". He and the Queen have 4 children: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. Prince Philip is a member, patron or president of over 780 organizations, has completed over 22,000 solo engangements since 1952 and in 2017, aged 96, Prince Philip retired from his royal duties. Fun fact: He is the longest serving consort of a British monarch ever and the oldest male member of the British royal family ever. 🇫🇮🇬🇧 —————————————————————————- Traducción en los comentarios 🔽🔽 • • • • • • #history #princephilip #greece #denmark #britishhistory #queenelizabeth #uk #consort #prince #edinburgh

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The conventional open festivals that would happen for the ruler have been dropped because of proceeded with social separating. There were no numerous firearm salutes in London. The chimes at Westminster Abbey didn’t ring. The festivals were likewise skipped for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday in April.

Every imperial occasion have been dropped through the late spring. The strength of the sovereign and Philip are absolutely critical to all arms of the illustrious family. They are probably going to proceed with self-segregating until data on the circumstance becomes more clear.

Ruler Philip’s wellbeing came into the spotlight in December, when he went through four evenings at King Edward VII Hospital for booked treatment identified with a previous condition. He has in any case seemed, by all accounts, to be healthy. Many have credited his long athletic foundation as what has propped the duke up for such a long time.

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Wishing a very Happy 99th Birthday to His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh today! Some facts about His Royal Highness: . • Prince Philip was born in Corfu, Greece on 10th June 1921, as a member of the Greek and Danish royal families. • At 18 months old, Prince Philip and his family had to leave Greece. The country had become politically unstable and his uncle, the King of Greece, Constantine I, was forced to abdicate. • Prince Philip was educated in France, Scotland and Germany. • In 1939, he joined the Royal Navy as a ‘Special Entry’ Cadet at Britannia Royal Naval College. • Prince Philip met Princess Elizabeth for first time in 1934 at the wedding of his cousin Princess Marina and Elizabeth’s uncle, Prince George. At that time, Philip was 13 and Elizabeth was only 8. • Upon his marriage in 1947, Prince Phillip was bestowed with the titles Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich. • Philip was created a Prince of the United Kingdom by The Queen in 1957. • The Duke of Edinburgh was the first member of the Royal Family to be interviewed on television, in May 1961. • Prince Philip is around 560th in line to the British throne. • Prince Philip and The Queen have four children, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. • The Duke's nickname for Her Majesty is “Cabbage”. • His Royal Highness is famous for his gaffes and off the cuff remarks. One of his most famous gaffes was during a royal visit to China in 1986, where he described Peking as “ghastly” and told British students: “If you stay here much longer you’ll all be slitty-eyed.” • Villagers on the southern island of Tanna in Vanuatu believe that Philip is their God. They say that he descended from their spirit ancestors, and will one day return to the island to live with them and hunt pigs. • In 2009, Prince Philip became the longest serving consort in British history. • During his public life, The Duke of Edinburgh made over 5000 speeches, with an average of 8 a month for 58 years. • Prince Philip retired from his royal duties on 2nd August 2017, having completed 22,219 official engagements since 1952. Wishing The Duke good health and happiness in his 100th year!

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A few sources near the Queen have expected this drawn out time off may play into the Queen’s thought of retirement. She purportedly wants to resign and invest more energy with Philip, however a course of events has never been presented. The dread is that if this continues for a really long time, she might be compelled to resign.


Ruler Philip resigned from open obligations in 2017. In his 65 years at the Queen’s side, he showed up. While he keeps up associations with huge numbers of the associations he has bolstered throughout the years, he no longer shows up with them.

Philip has achieved substantially more than basically showing up. He’s composed 14 books. He’s given 5,496 discourses. The Duke of Edinburgh has been energetic about natural issues, protection, science, and building..

In April, he offered an uncommon expression complimenting clinical experts and researchers taking a shot at an antibody, to pay tribute to World Immunization Week.

He initially recognized the significant work of the science and clinical callings and instructive and research organizations chipping away at the worldwide wellbeing emergency. He at that point stated:

“For the benefit of those of us who stay safe and at home, I likewise needed to thank every single key specialist who guarantee a mind-blowing foundation proceeds; the staff and volunteers taking a shot at food creation and circulation, those keeping postal and conveyance administrations going, and those guaranteeing the garbage keeps on being gathered.”


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