These Are the World’s Most Beautiful Types of Pigeons

When you consider pigeons, your brain likely meanders directly to the scabby feathered creatures pecking around our back streets and dustbins, isn’t that right?

All things considered, in all honesty, there are a huge number of types of pigeon out there, and some of them are amazingly excellent.

Continue looking to see a choice of the most ravishing kinds of pigeons, and to discover where precisely you can discover them…

1. Pink Necked Green Pigeon.

Local to South-East Asian nations, the pink necked green pigeon is famous for its shocking pink, green, and purple plumage.

Envision seeing one of these pecking around the boulevards of New York…

2. Nicobar Pigeon.

This pigeon, which is found on little islands and in the beach front areas of India, is broadly perceived for it’s to some degree “gothic” dark and green plumage, and is accepted to be the nearest living comparative with the wiped out dodo.

3. Earthy colored Frillback Pigeon.


The frillback pigeon’s frilly and wavy wing plumes are the aftereffect of long stretches of specific stylish reproducing.

It would seem that a perm turned out badly, isn’t that right?

4. Dim Frillback Pigeon.


Firmly identified with the earthy colored frillback, this sort of pigeon truly resembles your regular road pigeon with a wild haircut.

5. Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

This pigeon, which is local to the rainforests of New Guinea, was given its imperial namesake because of the exquisite ribbon like peaks distending from its head in a crown-like way.

6. Bronzewing Pigeon..

This Australian fowl is most popular for its unmistakable glowing wing patches that, in dull light, seem bronze or green-earthy colored, however streak in numerous brilliant and awesome hues in the daylight.

7. Jacobin Pigeon.

Like the frillback pigeon, the Jacobin pigeon is a strain of extravagant pigeon that has been specifically reproduced for its whimsically feathered hood.

8. Capuchine/Jacobin mix.


A Capuchine pigeon is a dutch extravagant pigeon that has an alluring ruff of plumes… So, when reproduced with the Jacobin pigeon, you get this lovely outcome.

9. Blue Crowned Pigeon.

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Like its nearby family member, the Victoria Crowned pigeon, this variety is portrayed for its blue, crown-like peaks.

It is likewise found in rainforests across New Guinea.

10. Indian Fantail Pigeon.

Another type of extravagant pigeon, the exquisite Indian Fantail was specifically reproduced for its unmistakable fan-molded tail.

Their feet are feathered and, as their name recommends, they start from India.

11. African Green Pigeon.

This dynamic pigeon can be found in a few nations across Africa and is known for its uncommon green, blue, and dim plumage.

12. Spinifex Pigeon.

Lovingly nicknamed as the “punks of the winged animal world”, the Spinifex Pigeon is an Australian flying creature known best for its bizarre, mohawk-like pointed plumes.

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