These ‘GOT’ Memes Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Alright, we should move this first: There will be spoilers! On the off chance that you haven’t viewed up to Season 8, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones, proceed to do that before perusing ahead. In any case, please. You knew there’d be spoilers. This is about Game of Thrones, all things considered, and after Sunday night’s scene, we were unable to abstain from going into spoiler region.

Presently, I know we’re just two scenes into the season up until this point, yet heavenly mother of mythical beasts so much has just occurred. I could spend a decent not many hours talking about the odd slip-up in the principal scene of the period or attempting to overlook that scene among Arya and Gendry in scene two, however, uh, I would prefer not to do that.

No, rather, I need to discuss the widely adored Game of Thrones transport: Brienne and Tormund. (Or on the other hand, after the latest scene, I surmise I should state Ser Brienne and Tormund.)

The affection might be only a touch uneven, yet the images make certain to please every one of us.


at the point when a young lady rides in with a 6 foot edge and Valyrian steel in your face, YOU GET SPRUNG #GameOfThrones

— Victoria Aveyard (@VictoriaAveyard) May 16, 2016

His face.

That, my companions, is the essence of a man who has chosen to spend an incredible remainder attempting to charm that tall, exceptionally tough lady.

Act ordinary.

Just Tormund would imagine that sharing an anecdote about drinking goliath’s milk and afterward pouring milk all over himself was the path to a lady’s heart. Favor him.

Last call.

He recognizes what he needs, and he won’t let anything occupy him.

Counting a monstrous armed force of the dead and an ice mythical beast.

So strong.

Get yourself somebody like Tormund who will bolster you regardless.

What’s more, on the off chance that you can’t discover a Tormund, it’s fine to agree to a Chip Gaines.


Tormund is a women’s activist.

Don’t @ me.

Now we’re talking.

Tormund might be intense, however he isn’t uncouth like Bronn.

He’s a genuine respectable man. Sort of. That is to say, there was that entire “pouring milk all over himself” thing that I just referenced.

This is astounding:

Get it?

Since Jaime is feeling the loss of a hand?

You get it.

So strong.

Scene two was about intense moves.

Arya and Gendry (sorry; I know, I would prefer not to consider it either).

Lyanna Mormont demanding battling.

Tormund and the milk.

Give me access!

I’m almost certain you could put The Wall among Tormund and Brienne, he’d in any case figure out how to get to her.

Regardless of whether he needed to commission his own ice mythical beast to do it.


Everyone: Worrying about the army of the dead

Shoot your shot.

He even pulled up a chair in the episode.

Guys. This one is perfect.

Judging you.










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