Woman Discovers She First Met Her Husband on Family Holiday When She Was Six

A woman has recently discovered that she first met her husband on a family holiday when she was just 6-years-old… without even realizing it!

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Marriage is a dream for many…

Woman Discovers

And for those who have been lucky enough to marry the love of their lives… life couldn’t be better.

It is a truly beautiful thing…


And to know that a happily married couple once started off as strangers is fascinating.

But what if we told you…

Woman Discovers

That one married couple recently discovered that their history goes back way further than they even realized?

Well, a happy couple from the U.K discovered something remarkable…

Woman Discovers

And you won’t believe the odds!

This is Heidi and Ed Savitt…

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Beach day 🏖

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And they have been married since 2017.

But their story started way before then…

The couple met when they were both studying at the University of Newcastle, which is in the north of England.

They both lived in the same student house, but one year apart…

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Ed, who moved in once Heidi had left, tracked her down on Facebook in 2011 in the hope she’d be able to tell him how the washing machine worked.

Heidi decided to help him out…


Because she thought “he was hot.”

Fair enough, right?

Following their exchange on Facebook…

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Party time 🍾🍸❤️

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Heidi spotted Ed on a night out and she recalls thinking that he was “gorgeous” and “just amazing.”

She plucked up the confidence to go and speak to him…

And the pair hit it off immediately.

After dating for a few years…

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The couple bought a flat together and in 2015, Ed popped the question.

It was a magical day…

Recalling the day Ed proposed, Heidi said:

“Afterwards we went home and he had organized a surprise engagement party. It was wonderful.”

The pair tied the knot in 2017…

And it looked like the most beautiful of days.

They honeymooned in the Maldives…

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Things couldn’t possibly get better, right?

Well, a few months later when they were having dinner at Heidi’s mom’s, they made an unbelievable discovery.

Heidi’s mom, Kay, recalled a family holiday in 1997 when they visited a resort in Bodrum, Turkey, and Heidi made a friend named Ed.

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A few weeks after the dinner, Kay sent a picture of Heidi on holiday with her new friend, and it was none other than the same Ed she planned to marry.

And Kay even had a photograph to prove it…

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Heidi said, “She sent me a picture in the post of him and it was my Ed. I was astonished when I saw the picture. I just yelled, ‘Mom – you know who that is!’ I was so shocked I actually had to lie down. Ed was amazed too… we couldn’t believe it.”

Ed, who owns a coffee shop, was also in disbelief.

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“I’m not one to believe in miracles – the story changed my life.”

Heidi went on to say:

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“From the photos [it looks like] we had been spending an awful lot of time together while we were on holiday. He told his parents and they dug out images of him on the same holiday.”

What are the odds?!

“He looks really different whereas I look the same. I remember being in the kids club, that’s where I must have met him, and setting up a nail varnish stall outside with my sisters. I actually think we painted Ed’s nails.”

This truly goes to show that Heidi and Ed are meant to be!

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